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The value of August Wilderness goes well beyond the initial experience. In post-participation surveys, students report establishing early — and lasting — friendships, increased self-confidence, comfort with faculty and academic expectations, and a sense of readiness for the challenges and opportunities of college.

Imagine beginning college with a wide variety of already established friendships and acquaintances. From the relationships you make with your incoming peer group, to mentor roles with your student leaders, to faculty connections, August Wilderness students begin school with an exceptional support group and network of relationships that make the transition to college easier and more successful.

The relationships you make during this intensive experience living with peers, student leaders, and faculty members will leave you with a support group and network of friends that will likely stay with you through the years.

Spending time with faculty members, learning and living alongside them for several weeks, enables a unique personal connection to be made. As well as guiding future academic progress, these faculty can become true mentors for all aspects of college life.

August Wilderness prepares students for the holistic academic approach that is distinctive at Earlham. Readings, field classes, group discussions, and written journal assignments provide rigor that makes this experience not just “a walk in the park”, while living in a close-knit group teaches the importance of self-efficacy and service to community.