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Triplets Brilyn (left), Joseph "Tripp" and Bristyl Webb made their college selections independently, and they all chose Earlham.

Triplets Place Priority on Careers Serving Others

August 30, 2013

First-year students Brilyn, Bristyl and Joseph “Tripp” Webb chose Earlham to help them develop the skills and knowledge necessary for careers that help people.

The triplets admit that academics and campus size were the main draws, but the equestrian center also played a significant role in their decisions. And for Brilyn and Bristyl, the women’s basketball team helped to persuade them. The Webbs were three-sport athletes in high school and grew up on a Clydesdale horse farm about 40 minutes south of Earlham in Oxford, Ohio. They woke early to care for the large animals and were busy late with practices, schoolwork or again with caretaking duties for the Clydesdales.

“You learn to prioritize,” Tripp says. “Our parents taught us that you get only what you put in, and hard work is the key.”

Brilyn plans to major in biology and eventually work as a physical therapist focusing on pediatric sports injuries. Bristyl and Tripp both plan to major in biochemistry and become pharmacists.

The three siblings kept their college choices to themselves until they had each made a decision.

“We definitely made our decisions individually, and we didn’t let each other know what our individual choices were,” Brilyn says. “Mom wanted us to choose for ourselves, but once we found out that we were all going to Earlham, we felt great because we knew that we would always have a friend wherever we go.”

For Brilyn and Bristyl, Earlham allowed them to continue playing basketball.

“We love the sport and fell in love with Coach Johnson and Coach Iden and their vision for the team,” Bristyl says. “I hate to lose, and I like to be the underdog.”

The two helped their high school team to a 21-0 regular season record as seniors, and their closeness is evident on the court. Bristyl is the all-time assists leader, and Brilyn is a member of the 350-point club at Talawanda High School.

“I wouldn’t have been able to have that record without her and vice versa,” Bristyl says. “We know each other so well and what we are going to do in a game situation. Before she gets trapped with the ball, I give a ‘yoohoo’ so she knows where I am before the trouble even begins.”

Not to be left out, Tripp is incredibly close to his sisters, and he and Bristyl may run track.

“I will play intramurals, but I came to school to focus on academics,” Tripp says. “This is a prestigious school, and I feel that I need to focus on studying.”

Tripp admits that he is the quiet one of the three. Brilyn and Bristyl say that although he is quiet, he garners tremendous respect. During high school, guys routinely asked for Tripp’s permission to date Brilyn or Bristyl.

Tripp admits that he is the quiet one of the three.

“I love heart to hearts because I enjoy feeling that I can help someone on a personal level — that my input matters,” he says.

“We all love to help people, and shouldn’t helping people be everyone’s goal?” Bristyl says.

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