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Earlham’s Bonner Scholars average 10 hours of service per week during the academic year, totaling 280 hours for the academic year.

Earlham’s Bonner Scholars to Host National Conference

May 23, 2013

Through the Bonner Scholars Program, Earlham College continues a rich history of students engaging in social issues and providing community service. Each year, 15 incoming students are selected to participate in a four-year scholarship program.

Earlham’s Bonner Scholars average 10 hours of service per week during the academic year, totaling 280 hours for the academic year. They commit to becoming part of a community and to strive to develop expertise and leadership skills.

Another responsibility in 2013 is to host a national conference to be held on the Earlham campus.


The Bonner Summer Leadership Institute, scheduled for June 5-8, is the largest annual conference for administrators, students, faculty and community partner representatives from roughly 75 colleges and universities in the Bonner Network. The conference aims at advancing personal development, career pathways, vocation and spiritual exploration.

“Hosting this conference is an amazing opportunity for many Earlham Bonner scholars to gain experience organizing a national conference,” says Jana Schroeder, director of civic engagement in the Center for Integrated Learning at Earlham. “We are proud to be able to show off Earlham and our Bonner Scholars Program to the Bonner network, especially with the establishment of the Center for Integrated learning and our focus on hands-on, community-based learning for all Earlham students.”

The conference's theme is inspired by Parker Palmer's book, Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation.

With Earlham serving as the host, conference participants will have a chance to experience some of the College's Quaker traditions, such as a Quaker meeting, discernment and consensus.

The Institute provides participants with learning, networking, and professional and personal development opportunities enabling them to strengthen the quality and work of campus-based service efforts. Programming will focus on themes such as deepening community partnerships, supporting students to develop and engage fully, and building vibrant, sustained infrastructure for campus-community engagement.

For more information, contact Jana Schroeder, director of civic engagement at schroja@earlham.edu or (765) 983-1276.

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