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More than 50 students participated in a clothing swap — one the initiatives sponsored by the Student Sustainability Corps as students were preparing to leave for the summer.

Making "Move-Out Week" More Sustainable

May 21, 2013

As Earlham students were packing up to leave for the summer, the Student Sustainability Corps launched three initiatives to keep unwanted items out of the trash, and to put them into the hands of those who use them.

More than fifty students participated in a clothing swap, trading items with one another, as a fun alternative to simply discarding items.

A garage sale attracted more than 200 attendees — both Earlham students and community members. The sale found new homes for items previously owned by departing Earlham students, and allowed the students an opportunity to make money.

More than 200 bins of useable donations (clothes, shoes, books, etc.) were donated to local service agencies including Abilities Thrift Store, Salvation Army, and area churches during a donation week that ran May 5-11.

“The members of the Student Sustainability Corps wanted to find ways to reduce waste during move-out week, which is obviously a time when many things get thrown away,” says Sarah Waddle, assistant director of the Center for Environmental Action and the adviser to the Student Sustainability Corps. “We were very pleased that the student body and the larger community responded so positively to these efforts.”

The Student Sustainability Corps is work-study program run by the Center for Environmental Action that provides sustainability leadership opportunities to Earlham students.

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