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The Japan Study program began in 1963 as an effort to expand Earlham's concept of international study.

Gary DeCoker Shares Insights on Planning a National Conference in Chronicle of Higher Education

March 07, 2013

In the March 6, 2013, edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education, Gary DeCoker, director of Japan Study and professor of Japanese Studies, shares advice for running a national academic conference.Gary DeCoker

DeCoker led a conference last October at Earlham that focused on the future of teaching college students about Japan and its neighbors, China and Korea. The conference, which drew more than 70 people, commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Japan Study program — an Earlham-based partnership between Waseda University at Tokyo and two Midwestern consortia representing 27 liberal arts colleges.

DeCoker, who has led the Japan Study program for more than 10 years, says it is one of the oldest and most comprehensive programs in educational exchange and development linking colleges and universities in the U.S. and Japan. More than 1,400 U.S. students and more than 1,000 Waseda students have spent a year abroad as part of the program, which began in 1963 as an effort to expand Earlham’s concept of international study to include the non-Western world.

In the Chronicle article, DeCoker shares advice for leading an academic conference, including successes that lead to enriched faculty and "exuberant conversations."

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