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Research Professor of Biology John Iverson is well known for his long-term studies of iguanas and turtles.

John Iverson Receives NSF Grant

February 12, 2013

Research Professor of Biology John Iverson along with colleagues at Iowa State University have been awarded a National Science Foundation grant, "Climate Change and Environmental Sex Determination in a Geographically-widespread Species," to study temperature-dependent sex determination in painted turtles at several sites in the central and western United States, including the site in western Nebraska where Iverson and students have been working since 1981.

Iverson has regularly employed mark and recapture as well as radio telemetry studies to describe the ecology of turtles and snakes in the Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge in western Nebraska. One of Iverson’s long-term studies, he has involved nearly three dozen Earlham students in this research over the years, according to his website.

Approximately $105,000 will be coming to Earlham to support student-faculty research for the next three years.

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