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Event Hosts

Want to get together with Earlhamites in your city?

The Earlham College Alumni Office appreciates regional event volunteers — alumni who volunteer to plan and/or host Earlhamite gatherings in cities across the world, with assistance from the College. Events can include potlucks, happy hours, picnics, dinners and more, and are a terrific way to generate a social opportunity for alumni, parents and friends.

Regional event hosts typically:

  • select and secure the gathering site
  • work with the Alumni Office to define the invitation list
  • suggest wording for the invitation emails, social media posts and website
  • make personal outreaches to encourage attendance
  • attend the gathering and say a few words about Earlham
  • share posts about and photos from the gathering on social media during and/or after the event

The Alumni Office can help regional event volunteers in many ways:

  • producing email lists of regional Earlhamites
  • sending email invitations and posting event information on the College's social media outlets and website
  • coordinating RSVPs
  • providing talking points on College updates
  • providing event materials (e.g. name tags, donation cards, Earlham give-aways, etc.)

Please contact the Office at least 8 weeks before your proposed event date, so that we can help you organize and publicize the event. The Alumni Office hosts additional events around the country each year. Visit our events calendar to find out when we’ll be in a city near you.

Interested in hosting
an event?

Holtham -120

Sarah Byrd
Director of Alumni Relations
(765) 983-1421
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