Pooled Income Trust

If you are interested in receiving supplemental income while making a gift to Earlham, you may want to consider a gift to our Pooled Income Fund. As with a mutual fund, a Pooled Income Fund is a trust fund where gifts are combined ("pooled") with gifts from all other donors and invested.

Each quarter, your proportional share of the fund's income is distributed to the income beneficiaries you have named.  The amount distributed varies with the fund's investment performance.

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Benefits include:

  • You will qualify for a federal income tax deduction.
  • The income beneficiaries you name will receive annual income for life.
  • If you make your Pooled Income Fund gift with a long term appreciated asset (one you have held for more than one year), and the Fund sells it, you will incur no tax on the gain. If you were to sell such an asset yourself, you would owe tax on all the capital gain realized in the sale.
  • Your gift will benefit from expert asset management provided by Friends Fiduciary.
  • \The remaining proceeds from the gift come to Earlham to support whatever purpose you designate

Minimum Gift Required: $10,000

If you are interested in doing your own planned gift calculation, please visit GiftCalcs' secure server.

Gifts That Pay Income for Life

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pooled income funds...

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Other Life Income Options:


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