Gift Opportunities & Recognition

CarpenterspringNaming Opportunities

Earlham has embarked on the construction and renovation of its science facilities, while creating a new building for the arts. Each facility offers several naming opportunities for those who wish to make major contributions.
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Campus Enhancements

Your gift can help Earlham maintain an attractive, inviting and well-functioning campus for our students and community friends. Donations are used to support annual expenses like campus signage, grounds keeping and furniture replacement.
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Collaborative Research

For students, the opportunity to participate in collaborative student/faculty research is one of their most significant experiences while at Earlham. Annual support for these initiatives help us continue to attract and retain superb students and quality faculty.
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Lab and Computer Equipment

Modern lab equipment helps Earlham maintain its long, proud history of excellence in science education. Annual support of computer upgrades also ensures Earlham keeps pace with ever-changing technology.
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Annual Scholarships

An annual scholarship gift offers immediate financial assistance to a student(s) in need. Donors can be matched with students with similar academic interests or pursuits. Annual scholarships are fully utilized yearly.
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Library Book Fund

An endowed Library Book Fund is established with a gift of at least $20,000. The income earned on such a fund is used each year to purchase additional books and resources for the Libraries. Donors can specify areas of the collection they would like to support.

Endowed Scholarships

We currently provide more than $17 million in financial aid, yet we are still not able to meet the full demonstrated need of all of our students. Endowed scholarships help bridge that gap. With a gift of at least $50,000, donors can establish an endowed scholarship that will not only create a permanent tribute to the person whose name it bears but also help Earlham make education accessible to deserving students from all backgrounds, in perpetuity.

Lecture Series

Establishing a lectureship with a gift of at least $100,000 supports the cost of bringing nationally and internationally recognized speakers annually to Earlham’s campus. These funds generate spendable income to support lectures to complement the academic curriculum. Emphasizing areas of personal interest, donors can assist in introducing undergraduate students to significant issues through a lectureship series named for the donor.

Faculty Chair

One of the most prestigious and important gifts is an endowed faculty chair. Created by a gift of at least $2 million, these academic positions are supported by earnings from the endowed fund to enhance the faculty member's teaching, research and service responsibilities.

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