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Visit Peru

12-Day -Peru -Wildlife -and -Cultural -Expeditions -1

For more information about this exciting travel opportunity, please contact Marie Cope Nicholson `76.

Peru with Marie Cope Nicholson `76

May 24-June 4, 2017

Marie Cope Nicholson `76 invites you to join her 12-day expedition to Peru for an introduction to the wildlife, culture and ancient history of this amazing country. 

Machu Picchu has always piqued Marie’s curiosity and, after several missed opportunities when she visited Ecuador and Peru years ago, has been high on her “bucket list” of destinations she would like to visit.

Some of the highlights of this itinerary include:

  • Seeing some of the 366 species of birds, more than 300 species of butterflies and over 60 amphibians recorded in the Reserva Amazonica rainforest
  • Shopping in the vibrant and colorful markets of Pisac
  • Visiting the native peoples of Willoq
  • Spending two days exploring Machu Picchu

“This unique and fascinating travel program to Peru, designed by Richard "Dick" Mills `69 (Earlham graduate and owner of World Discovery Safaris), provides an excellent vehicle for an in-depth, hands-on and educational opportunity. Join us as we delve into the cultures, history and wildlife of Peru and seek opportunities for serendipitous moments. I look forward to sharing them with you.”

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Walk the Camino


For more information about this exciting travel opportunity, please contact Jennifer Lewis, associate director of the Center for Global Education.

Camino de Santiago with Chris Swafford and Jennifer Lewis

May 30-June 10, 2017

Join Chris Swafford, professor of Spanish and Hispanic studies and peace and global studies, and Jennifer Lewis, associate director of the Center for Global Education, for an unforgettable experience walking 100 miles on the original pilgrimage route (called the Camino Francés) to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. The pilgrimage to Santiago was the third most popular site in Medieval European cultures.

The pilgrimage will have three dimensions:

  1. the spirit of pilgrimage
  2. place-based learning
  3. peacemaking

We will explore what a pilgrimage means and our understandings and practices of spirituality/meditation/relaxation as we walk to Santiago. We will learn about the cultures of northern Spain, from both contemporary and historical perspectives.

A pilgrimage is an invitation to interior transformation and thus to greater inner peace. As we engage in walking meditation, we will consider the relationship between inner individual peace and international peace and peacemaking. Of course, we will encounter people from all over the world as we walk the Camino.

See pricing and additional information online now!

Visit Indonesia

4---Far -Distance

For more information about this exciting travel opportunity, please contact Bill Buskirk `66.

Indonesia: Bali, The Spice Islands and Raja Ampat

October 2017

Join Bill Buskirk `66 and Marianne Cope `71 on a journey of exploration to Bali and the remote islands of Eastern Indonesia. This trip is surely to be one of the richest and most rewarding travel experiences Bill has led – a great opportunity for adventurous travelers looking to expand their travel horizons, broaden their understanding of a fascinating part of the world, and experience a vast, pristine, marine wilderness area still only lightly touched by tourism.

Trip highlights include:

  1. Hiking through UNESCO World Heritage listed rice fields of Jatiluwih, Bali
  2. Exploring Balinese temples & shrines / Learning about Balinese spirituality
  3. Visiting artisan workshops and markets in Ubud
  4. 11 nights cruising on a traditional Indonesian pinisi
  5. Penemu Island’s “Hidden Bay”
  6. The prehistoric petroglyph cave art of Raja Ampat
  7. Sea Kayaking and paddle boarding from the Katharina
  8. Hiking and birding in Seram’s Manusela National Park
  9. Visiting remote villages only very lightly touched by the outside world
  10. Learning about the life and work of Alfred Russel Wallace, and following in his footsteps
  11. Daily opportunities to snorkel in some of the most marine wildlife rich waters in the world

The journey starts and ends in fabled Bali, an exceptionally beautiful land, rich in history, culture and diverse spiritual traditions. We will have days to explore the area around Ubud in the central highlands, combing favorite activities such as birding, trekking, and photography with visits to ancient sites, artisan workshops, and an inspirational, innovative, eco-friendly school.

The heart of our adventure are the days we’ll spend on the Pinisi, Katharina, sailing from the white-sand dotted islands of the Moluccan and Banda Seas to the astonishing region of Raja Ampat, which has arguably the greatest marine biodiversity in the world. Here in a region that has been called the Galapagos of South East Asia, we will stop at scarcely populated and seldom visited islands, learn about local cultures and traditions, snorkel over pristine reefs and through stalactite encrusted grottos, and hike into primeval forest in search of birds of paradise. Along the way, we will enjoy our wonderful boat, its friendly crew, and the unique fellowship that forms during a great sea voyage.

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