Sarah Hernandez '88, Alumni | Earlham College

Sarah Hernandez '88

_DSC3456_1Sarah Hernandez '88 majored in Sociology/Anthropology at Earlham. While at the College, she was active in the International Club and Spanish House, was a Spanish language TA, and worked summers in the library in various support roles. In addition, she worked as an office assistant during some semesters in the social sciences office. Sarah completed a master's degree and Ph.D. in sociology.  She lives in Sarasota, Florida, working as an associate professor at New College of Florida.

Sarah began her term on the Alumni Council in 2013, and she is currently part of the Recognition Committee. Her favorite memories of Earlham include the intellectually and morally engaging conversations with Stephen Butler and Dan Rosenberg; the dedication of all her professors; spending social time with housemates, classmates, and various students from abroad; the walks to, and meals at, the Waffle House; various cultural events on campus; her host family (the Rellers); Quaker Meeting; and the peacefulness of the campus. 


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