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AAAB Statement of Purpose

The African American Advisory Board (AAAB) serves as an advisory body to Earlham College by develop­ing, planning, implementing, and promoting activities to assist the College in providing a supportive and productive environment in which African Americans can study, teach, and develop as individuals. The AAAB works closely with the Alumni and Development Office, Student Development Office and the Ad­missions Office.

AaabstatementThe African American Advisory Board shall assist and enhance the College through:

  • service to the College;
  • recruitment and retention of African American students, staff and faculty;
  • solicitation of African American alumni to fund programs and activities for African American students and faculty;
  • active participation in activities designed to promote, enliven and support African American interests;
  • financial assistance to the College;
  • establishing and maintaining a presence of African American leadership and involvement on the College campus;
  • developing and perpetuating fellowship among African American alumni; and
  • cooperating with the administration and faculty of the College in addressing the needs and concerns of African Americans on the College’s campus.


The African American Advisory Board shall be composed of AAAB Executive Officers and selected mem­bers. Any Alumni Association member or member of the faculty and staff may attend AAAB meetings.

Members shall be selected by the African American Advisory Board Executive Committee to assure a broad representation. Terms of members shall be for a maximum of three consecutive three-year terms. Each remaining three-year term is renewable at the discretion of the executive committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, appointed by the African Ameri­can Advisory Board and the following ex-officio members:

  • the Director of Multicultural Affairs;
  • a representative for the Alumni and Development Administrative Staff;
  • one member of the African and African American Administrative faculty;
  • one member of the African American teaching faculty;
  • the AAAB staff, as assigned by the College
  • a member or former member of the Board of Trustees; and
  • former chairs of the AAAB.

The Executive Committee shall oversee the proceedings of the African American Advisory Board.

Five (5) members of the Executive Committee, including those serving in an ex-officio capacity, shall con­stitute a quorum. The Executive Committee shall have all the power and authority of the AAAB between meetings of the AAAB, and its members shall serve until their respective successors are appointed.

Expectations of Members

  • Attendance: African American Advisory Board members are expected to attend and actively participate in all AAAB meetings. Any member who is unable to attend a scheduled meeting must notify the Alumni and Development Office within a reasonable time prior to the meeting.
  • Financial support of the College.
  • Participation in on and off campus events.
  • Participation in conversation and efforts between fall meetings on campus.
  • Timely response to communications from the AAAB and the College.


There shall be one regular meeting of the African American Advisory Board each year, generally held in the fall semester. The dates shall be selected by the AAAB Chair, Executive Committee, Alumni and Development Office, and the AAAB staff. In addition, the Chair may call special meetings of the Executive Committee or AAAB as is necessary to transact business.

October 2009

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