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General Education Requirements

The Program offers various courses that meet General Education requirements including the Perspectives on Diversity Requirement, both domestic and international (WGSS 203, 246, 305, 364, 365, 367, 357 and 482. In addition, a number of WGSS courses fulfill Writing Intensive and Research requirements.

The Major

The structure of the major includes core courses, a course in transnational movements, power and critique courses, a course in U.S. Ethnic Studies and internship/field experiences. The WGSS major is designed to allow students flexibility and versatility. Students and faculty work closely to shape the WGSS major to meet the needs and interests of the individual student. The Program encourages students to participate in off-campus programs and to design independent study experiences, enabling each person to take advantage of the rich diversity of opportunities available at Earlham College and in the world.

A student who wishes to declare a major in WGSS should meet with the convener to receive final approval of her/his course selections. A student will follow the program requirements based on the catalog year in which they entered.

Students majoring in WGSS must complete:

  • Four Core Courses for a total of 16 credits

    • WGSS 305 Radical Queeries: Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
    • WGSS 365 Women, Gender and Sexuality (cross-listed as SOAN 364)
    • WGSS 375 Feminist Theories
    • WGSS 488 Senior Capstone Experience
  • One course focusing on Transnational Movements

    • At least one course with a sustained emphasis on a movement or movements of people, ideas and places in a transnational context. Courses that may fulfill this requirement are:
      • ENG 464: Post-Colonial Literature
      • SOAN 365: Political Economy of Development
      • HIST 130: History of Nonviolent Movements
      • PAGS 240: Global Dynamics and World Peace
  • One course focusing on Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.

    • At least one course with a sustained emphasis on social justice with respect to a particular race or ethnicity in the U.S. The WGSS curriculum committee will continue to evaluate and approve courses in this area. Courses that have fulfilled this requirement are:
      • AAAS 114 Introduction to African American Studies
      • ENG 304 African American Literature
      • HIST 372 Asian American History.
  • Three Power and Critique courses for a minimum of 9 credits

    • At least three additional courses should be chosen that represent a sustained, critical analysis of how power functions at the intersection of gender, sex, sexualities, race, and class. The WGSS curriculum committee evaluates and approves courses in this area. Courses that typically fulfill this requirement include:
      • CLAS 357 Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient World
      • ENG 206 Literature and Identity: Sexuality
      • PSYC 364 Psychology of Women
      • HIST 246 European Women’s and Gender History
      • HIST 367 Women and Men in American History
  • Internship for 0-3 credits

    • An internship must be completed before the student's final semester at Earlham. The internship enables students to apply theoretical approaches raised in WGSS courses to practical situations beyond the classroom. Internships can be done on an off-campus program, during the summer, or in Richmond during the academic year. The convener of WGSS must approve the internship.
  • Demonstrative Project for 2 credits

    • The demonstrative project is to be completed in the first semester of the senior year. Students should meet with their WGSS adviser no later than the spring of their Junior year to discuss plans for this project. The project requires students to synthesize theory and practice and demonstrate a nuanced understanding of an issue or problem relevant to the Earlham community. Students present their demonstrative project to the Earlham community in Spring semester of the senior year.

The Minor

To minor in WGSS, students must complete:

  • WGSS 305 Radical Queeries: Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • WGSS 365 Women, Gender and Sexuality (cross-listed as SOAN 364)
  • WGSS 375 Feminist Theories
  • Two Power and Critique Courses