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Women's, Gender, Sexuality Studies:
Exploring the Intersection of Gender, Race, Class, Nation and Sexuality

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The Women’s, Gender, Sexuality Studies (WGSS) program is designed to explore how diverse people’s experiences and identities are shaped by, and shape, the intersectionalities of gender, race, class, nationality and sexuality.

The program challenges students to undertake critical inquiries that are historically and geographically contextualized, with an eye to the contemporary moment and an emphasis on the generative debates within the field.

By linking academic work and activism, theoretical inquiry and practical experience, our students are prepared as nuanced analytical thinkers, inventive problem solvers and strong communicators.

Professor JoAnn Martin is currently leading a collaborative faculty/student research project on the film Mary Poppins as a representation of the role of rejection of queer identities to establish compulsory heterosexuality as the normative family.

More from the Women's, Gender, Sexuality Studies Department:


WGSS students participated in a two-week collaborative research trip with Professor Ryan Murphy to the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. Students researched and wrote about topics including sex education, birth control, family policy and LGBT rights.

A recent WGSS graduate worked on a demonstrative project that included historical research about the history of women in punk rock and performing in her own Riot Grrrl band.

Nearly half of Earlham alumni enter graduate or professional school within 10 years of receiving their degrees, and Earlham ranks 29th among 1306 colleges and universities nationwide for the percentage of graduates who go on to earn a Ph.D.

WGSS graduates enter a wide range of career fields, including advocacy, education and law.