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The Thomas J. Watson Fellowship offers college graduates a year of independent study and travel outside of the United States in pursuit of a personal passion. Earlham is one of 40 participating colleges that may nominate recipients. The fellowship provides a grant of $30,000 to each recipient, who must remain abroad for the year of the grant.

Earlhamites are candidates for funding from the Watson Foundation, which began awarding the fellowship 50 years ago in honor of the late founder of IBM.  Thirty-seven Earlham graduates have earned Watsons since 1981.

Above, Basil Farraj '14, a Peace & Global Studies major, traveled to Chile, Norway, France and the United Arab Emirates for his Watson Fellowship titled, “Palestinian Borderline Identity: A Quest for an Alternative Palestinian Identity.”

Applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds and academic disciplines are welcome. Watson Fellows are selected from among the approximately 195 candidates nominated by the participating institutions each year.