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Olga Galperin ’15 explored how environments facilitate and inform the expression of female identity through music as part of her Watson Fellowship. Her project was entitled “Girl Power: Music of Matriarchal Societies.”

“My Watson Fellowship application arose out of my interest in gender and improvisation and my senior thesis,” Galperin, a Music and Psychology double-major said in 2015.

At Earlham, Galperin created and convened Music House, a themed friendship house off-campus, whose mission is to provide a communal creative space for Earlham students.

Liam Cutler

Liam Cutler '13, a Politics major from Iowa, traveled to France, Greece, Turkey, Thailand and Argentina to research his project entitled “Gayborhood Watch: An Inquiry Into Queer Localities.” As an undergraduate, Liam interned at London’s Equal Rights Trust and worked at Georgia Equality, where he wrote the first published guide for transgender and genderqueer voters.

Wilmer Chavarria

Wilmer Chavarria '13, a self-designed cinematographic arts major from Nicaragua, studied “No Budget Films: Exploring Local Independent Filmmaking in Europe and Latin America.” Chavarria traveled to Chile, El Salvador, Costa Rica, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands to meet with directors and artists working on independent films in their communities.

Cheyenne Stewart

Cheyenne Stewart '14, a Biology major, project was titled, “Parto Humanizado (Humanized Birth): Exploring the Birth Justice Movement in the Americas.” She studied in
 Chile, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Trinidad-Tobago, and the Bahamas.