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Arish Mudra Rakshasa ’19 has been selected as one of just 41 undergraduates from around the country to receive the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship in 2019.

The Neuroscience and Biochemistry major from India will receive $30,000 in support of a year of independent study and travel to continue his campaign to eradicate HIV/AIDS. He is the 38th Earlhamite chosen for the award since 1981.

"My professional aspiration is to work at the intersection of science and society, as a science diplomat striving to unite science and government in the struggle to end HIV/AIDS," Mudra Rakshasa says. "I hope to lead intergovernmental organizations such as the World Health Organization as a scientist and diplomat in order to bring together people, communities, and nations in these efforts."

Enter the Watson. During the 2019-20 academic year, Mudra Rakshasa will travel to Australia, South Africa, Spain, Chile and France, to gain a break from the microscopic view of HIV and look at the impact that the disease has on the holistic human condition.

Arish Mudra Rakshasa ’19