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Associate Professor of Geology Cynthia Fadem teaches a wide variety of courses and has participated in research projects in places as far flung as Armenia, Croatia, Tanzania and the western United States. She routinely includes students in her research.

Cynthia says, “I'm from St Louis via Philadelphia and New York City. I love museums and music. I enjoy video games, soccer, and playing violin. I see the Earth as a book waiting to be read and humanity's imprint on its surface as a puzzle waiting to be solved.”

Fadem was featured recently on NerdScholar’s “40 under 40: Professors Who Inspire” list.

“The best professors do more than teach. They leave impressions on our lives that change the way we think, work and view the world around us,” says NerdScholar, an educational resource website based in San Francisco. “These 40 professors are doing just that, demonstrating the difference between good and great.”