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Collaborative student-faculty research is an integrated part of the Earlham academic curriculum, but for students who are interested in a more immersive experience, our faculty offer the opportunity to engage in summer collaborative research. Such projects permit students to pursue cutting-edge research under the mentorship of subject area experts, review current literature in the field and present results at conferences, such as the EPIC Expo, as well as regional and national professional events.

The summer collaborative research experience exposes participants to authentic research and prepares them for their next steps after college, whether they choose to pursue graduate school or employment. Often, the research experience helps students decide on a future career path.

"Before working with Dr. Rosenberg this summer, I never considered graduate school. I realized that I love doing research and would definitely consider graduate school as an option after college."

– Leonora Akporyoe ‘19

Earlham has offered collaborative research experiences during the summer since 1988. From 2008-2017, more than 275 students participated in projects spanning 4-8 immersive weeks.