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Explore the Rich Diversity of the Hispanic World

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A significant part of your experience as a Spanish and Hispanic Studies student at Earlham takes place outside the classroom, submerged into the Hispanic culture by living in a Spanish-speaking country or working with a local Latino community in Richmond.

Student-faculty collaborative research projects are common at Earlham. Recent ones include Gender in Film in Spain, Political Performance of the Americas, Comparative Creoles, and Indigenous Resistance Movements in Mexico.

Earlham offers off-campus semesters in Ecuador, Spain, and a Border Studies program based in Tucson, Arizona. The Department regularly offers month-long programs, including a walking pilgrimage in Camino de Santiago, Spain.

There are numerous internship possibilities for Spanish speakers at such local organizations as Amigos, the Richmond Latino Center.


Our graduates have continued their studies in graduate schools at Harvard, Brandeis, Arizona, Texas, and California-Riverside. Earlham ranks in the 96th percentile among U.S. colleges and universities for the percentage of our graduates who go on to earn doctorates in Spanish.

The language proficiency acquired by our students allows them to enter international markets and to work for NGOs in Latin America or in organizations like NPR, Democracy Now, and Committee on U.S.-Latin American Relations. Others earn Fulbright and Watson fellowships.

Spanish and Hispanic studies prepares students to pursue careers in many related fields as well as medicine and law.