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Earlham's 3-2 Pre-Engineering Program provides a wonderful opportunity for students considering a career in engineering who want the experience of a broad, liberal arts education that is seldom available to students in engineering schools. By combining three years at Earlham with two years at an engineering school, students can emphasize the liberal arts as well as the technical aspects of their education. At the end of those five years, the student receives two degrees: a B.A. from Earlham in pre-engineering studies, and a B.S. from the engineering program. For more information about this opportunity, contact Cynthia Fadem or Andy Moore — the 3/2 Faculty Liaisons.

Typically students spend three years at Earlham studying fundamental science and mathematics and the liberal arts, followed by two years of specialization at an affiliated engineering school. The required pre-engineering coursework leaves about 2/3 of your course credits for the liberal arts, some of which must fulfill the general education requirements, but the remainder can be filled with classes of your choosing! In the past, 3-2 students have completed minors in Computer Science, Physics and Management, though other fields are also possible. In addition to their course-work on campus, 3-2 students have been active in Earlham’s athletic, theatre and music programs, as well as participating on off-campus programs.

For a variety of reasons, some students chose to spend a fourth year at Earlham. Doing so would give you time to complete an Earlham major even before you go on to the engineering program, as well as additional opportunities to participate in athletics, off-campus study and other co-curricular offerings. The engineering schools with which we are affiliated are equally willing to accept students who’ve been here either three years or four.

Earlham has transfer or combined programs with the following schools:

  • Columbia University (New York, NY)
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic University (Troy, NY)
  • Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH)

Earlham's affiliation with these schools guarantees admission to the engineering school at Rensselaer or Case Western for students who complete the required coursework with the grades and GPA specified by the school (usually 3.0-3.2). Columbia no longer offers guaranteed admission to students from its partner schools, but Earlham continues to have a formal relationship with Columbia. It is possible to arrange a transfer to any of several other engineering schools, but such transfer cannot be guaranteed except for the schools with which we have a formal program. In the past, students have successfully transferred to Washington University (St. Louis).