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Morally Sensitive Leaders for Future Generations

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Preparing you to take on the political challenges of the future, the Politics faculty at Earlham is committed to continued excellence in teaching.

The Integrated 'Introduction to Politics' course helps build a cohort of students from the start, and helps introduce you to the terms and concepts you will use in subsequent courses.

Our professors will know you well, so they can accurately assess your development. You will have a great deal of flexibility to find your own path and choose the electives that help define your undergraduate experience.

There are frequent opportunities to engage in student-faculty research. Recently a group of students working on African citizenship published a paper in a peer-reviewed journal, while another group wrote a policy brief recommending the development of a college garden and college farm on campus.

More from the Politcs Department


Treston Owens ’18 was featured in a Quaker Speak video titled, "Why Climate Change Is an Issue of Faith: Quakers Lobby Congress."

Politics students and faculty collaborated on the award-winning Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace.

Almost 50% of Earlham alumni enter graduate or professional school within 10 years. Recent graduates have pursued advanced study at such institutions as Oxford, McGill, Georgetown, Michigan and Indiana.

Our graduates seek lives of consequence, and many choose lives of public service including career paths in public policy, diplomacy, government, law and teaching.