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Neuroscience at Earlham focuses on understanding the brain and the nervous system, seeking to answer questions about the brain, behavior, thought, memory, emotion, or neuropsychiatric disease.

You will have unparalleled access to and attention from our Biology and Psychology faculty who will know you and who will use their resources and networks to help you find and follow your career path.

Required courses for the major introduce students to the fundamentals. They are followed by exploration of special topics in advanced courses chosen to best serve your interest.

You will conduct original research in your courses, work with faculty on research projects, and then complete an in-depth neuroscience research project in your senior year.

Paid summer internships are available at the Stark Neuroscience Research Institute of the Indiana University School of Medicine.

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In an anatomy and physiology course, students perform a dissection of a human cadaver, including an examination of the human brain and spinal cord. Seeing, holding, and dissecting a real human brain is an amazing experience that few undergraduates can get.

Neuroscience majors pursue graduate studies in medicine, other health professions, veterinary medicine or graduate study in cellular, molecular, behavioral or systems neuroscience.

Recent graduates have gained admission at Georgetown, Indiana and Purdue universities as well as the Southern College of Optometry. Yim Rodriguez ’14 earned a full-tuition scholarship to the prestigious Munich Brain Course at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.

Our alumni pursue a wide variety of careers including medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy and scientific research.