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Opportunities for student-faculty collaboration abound. Majors interested in music education work closely with faculty members to find public school teaching experiences and design topic-related coursework. Students interested in ethnomusicology receive an unusual degree of early training in this field (unique for undergraduate programs). Computer musicians get significant hands-on experience with many technologies; we place a special emphasis on creating new works for interactive live performance. Our popular music specialist engages with students across the campus in ways that deeply enrich and broaden the student’s understanding of music in relationship to modern society. Instrumentalists and singers can expect expert instruction on their instrument or voice.


Principles and Practices

In addition, the Earlham music program aligns itself with the College's Principles and Practices. We seek to develop musicians who are socially conscious and emotionally aware, able to play and think about music from a standpoint of both inner stillness and outward concern for the planet and its people.