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A Tradition of Reflective and Persistent Questioning

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Jewish Studies is a particularly appropriate area of study within a liberal arts education. The history, religion and literature of the Jewish people form a complex, yet intellectually coherent, field of concentration. Jewish culture is beautiful and has been immensely influential. Familiarity with it is required for any significant understanding of Eurasian, North African and Middle Eastern history, of Christianity and Islam, and of European and American literature. The Jewish tradition of reflective and persistent questioning of the most enduring human issues offers unique challenges to Earlham students, whatever their major fields and religious backgrounds.

Students who have recently completed minors in Jewish Studies majored in a variety of disciplines: English, Religion, Psychology, History, Computer Science, Philosophy, Politics, Women's Studies and Music. All of them have found ways to sustain their interest in Jewish culture. Some have taken jobs in Jewish community organizations. Some have entered rabbinical programs and Christian divinity schools; one is training to be a cantor. Still others are concentrating on Jewish subjects as they pursue doctorates in history, politics and literature.