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General Education Requirements

The Department offers two courses that fulfill the Language component of the Perspectives on Diversity Requirement, JAPN 101 and 102, and four that fulfill the International component of that requirement, JAPN 382, 422, 430 and 431.

The Major

Focus Two under the Japanese Studies Major is on Japanese Language and Linguistics. See Japanese Studies for details.

The Minor

The students who are majoring in programs other than Japanese Studies, and who fulfilled the General Education Language requirement by taking the basic Japanese courses may continue their Japanese language study. The Japanese Language Minor enables such students to incorporate Japanese into their major in another field.

The Japanese Language Minor requires five courses at the 300-level or above which include:

  • Two advanced Japanese language courses,
  • One Japanese linguistics course,
  • One Japanese independent study integrated with a student's major, and
  • One Japanese Studies course, excluding language skill focused courses.