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“Having everyone come from different backgrounds and studies makes for a better team. We've seen how we do better when not everybody on a team has a similar background.”

— Kellan Steele, Mathematics major

“I am learning ways to collaborate with professors on another level that I really haven't experienced before. I am working with them and not just for them. I get to bounce ideas off them and together we're adapting and creating.”

— Neil Nicholson, Computer Science major

“I love being hands-on — the diagnostic process of working things out. 'All right that didn't work. Now I'll try this.' Being immersed in something is a great way to learn.”

— Andrew Fishback, Geology major 

“Earlham is a college with a lot of different majors working together. We experience that on campus as we take classes and also in our team members going to Iceland. That Earlham background helps us to take in more.”

— Nic Arnold, Computer Science major

“The outdoor education part of it is also great. We are learning about leadership and group management. We're really forming this team together, all the day-to-day things, not just tagging along on a professor-led trip.”

— Ai Lena Tomioka, Psychology and Geology double major