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Language and Literature in a Cosmopolitan Context

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The German major at Earlham offers many opportunities for collaborative learning, student-faculty research and off-campus study with the goal of attaining linguistic and transcultural competence.

Our students may live in a German-speaking country, either for a semester in the Germany/Austria Program or in the three-week Berlin program that focuses on the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of the city.

You will regularly have the opportunity to meet and talk with writers, activists, and scholars they have come to know through texts they read in an on-campus class.

Many of our majors, both graduates and undergraduates, receive internships, scholarships or fellowships to work or study in German-speaking countries.


Each year, four students live in German House with the German Language Assistant. Together they plan activities for the entire campus that highlight German and Austria culture.

German students often combine their work with study of another discipline. Past graduates double-majored in German and Psychology, Religion, Economics or International Studies.

Combining German with another field has proven invaluable to our graduates, who now work in the arts, information science, business education, journalism, psychology, the airline industry, translating and language testing.