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Geology at Earlham integrates the study of the Earth with our environment. To us these are one and the same! You receive the traditional breadth and depth of a geology major with the applied focus and frame of reference of an environmental science major.

Our students and faculty work together on problems of mineral, energy and water resources; and on geological hazards such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

The Geology Department and Joseph Moore Museum maintain excellent reference collections of rocks, minerals and fossils. Laboratory investigation is emphasized in most of our courses and all of the Department’s laboratory equipment is available to our students.

The Department's faculty assist students in finding research experiences that match their interests.

More from the Geology Department:


Located on the Earlham campus, the Joseph Moore Museum is the regional natural history museum for eastern Indiana. It provides opportunities for Earlham students to have hands-on experience curating the collection, providing tours, maintaining the collections, and designing and building exhibits.

There are several Geology internships available through Earlham’s Center for Integrated Learning, including the Patriot Engineering program.

Our graduates are employed in the field of geology in areas such as environmental consulting and work with private companies or government agencies.

Recent graduates have received full funding for pursuing graduate degrees at Indiana University-Bloomington, Lehigh University, University of Idaho, and University of Texas-Austin among others.