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General Education Requirements

The Program offers four courses that meet the International component of the Diversity Requirement, FILM 330, 342, 346 and 356; one course that meets the Domestic component of the Diversity Requirement, FILM 299;  three courses that meet the Writing Intensive Requirement FILM 207, 252 and 330.

The Minor

The Minor requires five courses on film, such as:

  • FILM 215 Introduction to Film Studies
  • FILM 252 Philosophy and Film Theory
  • FILM 275 Video Production
  • FILM 300 Topics in Film Studies
    (can be taken more than once with a different topic)
  • FILM 330 Postcolonial Theory
  • FILM 332 Hispanic Film Series/Studies
  • FILM 342 Film Studies and Japanese Cinema
  • FILM 346 Classic and Contemporary German Film
  • FILM 349 National Security Policy Via Film
  • FILM 350 Topics in French (when a film-related topic)
  • MUS 472 Orchestration and Film Scoring