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The Earlham Plan for Integrative Collaboration

EPIC is about linking the liberal arts to the real world. Reach across disciplines to hone your skills as a communicator, researcher, planner and thinker. Study off campus. Complete an internship. Lead a club. Make a discovery. Create something amazing. Connect the dots between what you love and what you want to do with your life — all within an inclusive network of encouragement, challenge and respect.

That's the EPIC advantage.

The EPIC Advantage

A key component of the Earlham Plan for Integrative Collaboration (or EPIC) is The EPIC Advantage — a funded internship or student-faculty research experience for every interested student. We are committed to helping students find opportunities that match their academic and personal interests and to offering a variety experiences on campus, around the United States and in other countries. Combined with the other features of an Earlham education, this is an opportunity no other school can offer.

Find Your Center

No matter what major you choose, our multidisciplinary academic centers dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation, global health, and social justice will enhance your education. By sponsoring events, providing mentors and supporting innovative student projects, these centers support areas draw on Earlham’s academic strengths and respond to the “wicked problems” that no single discipline can solve.

The CoLab

The “CoLab” is short for “CoLaboratory”— a new EPIC space that houses the three interdisciplinary academic Centers. The CoLab is designed to highlight collaborative inquiry on significant national and global challenges of the 21st century.

The CoLab has several collaborative research and learning spaces perfectly suited for small group learning. This space is perfect for a range of special events including workshops, roundtable discussions, and other formal and informal gatherings.

EPIC Collaborations

Earlham has a long history of encouraging collaboration between students and faculty and of helping students leverage success in the classroom with hands-on experience and research. It’s an approach that not only benefits individual students but also better prepares them to make a practical and meaningful difference in the world.

Playground with a Purpose

“This has been the culmination of everything I have learned at Earlham. From making presentations, to utilizing knowledge from my science and economics classes, to bringing people together to accomplish a shared goal, this has been an incredibly rewarding experience.”

— Caleb Smith '17

Magic Bus

"For millions of people, reliable transportation is often the first test toward accessing goods, services, jobs and education," she said. "We shouldn't overlook improving transportation because it can have meaningful impact on society."

— Iman Cooper ’16, Magic Bus Team Member

Tiny House

“I have a connection to this space that I will never have with a dorm room. I know every inch of it, and we understand every aspect. Having our basic needs met in a space of only 250 feet that we built, for me is incredibly humbling.”

— Abby McCullough ’17

Bean Voyage

“While at Earlham, we had numerous opportunities to be involved in student leadership and activism, but we wanted to channel the energy towards doing something that can lead to sustainable development, while working in collaboration with local communities.”

— Sohrab Amiri ’16, co-founder Bean Voyage

Researching Blindness

“The best science is collaborative and Earlham really taught me to embrace situations where others know more than me and to use that as an opportunity to learn something in a new way."

— Will Vincent ’10

Learning Everywhere

Study the effects of climate change atop an Icelandic glacier. Explore the origins of humanoid life in a trench in Tanzania. Travel to another continent with Earlham friends and one of your favorite professors, immerse yourself in the local culture, complete an internship in your field, and then return home bonded forever and wholly transformed. That’s how we do off-campus study at Earlham.

Connect the Dots

Learn it in class, then do it in the field. Test yourself. Network. Engage with the community outside the College. Be of service. Find the intersection between your gifts and the world’s needs. Show the world what you can do. We can help you build the resume you need for whatever’s next, and push you to achieve things you’ve only dreamed about.

Environmental Leadership Program

The Environmental Leadership Program is home to many environmentally themed experiential learning opportunities designed to develop practical skills and cultivate leadership potential in students.