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Chinese Languages

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Earlham's Department of Languages and Cultures offers courses in Chinese.

In addition, Earlham has an interdisciplinary program in Chinese Studies.

Our Faculty

Ying Liu
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese

Mingzhe Zheng
Postdoctoral Fellow in Chinese

* Key

Courses that fulfill
General Education Requirements:

  • (A-AR) = Analytical - Abstract Reasoning
  • (A-QR) = Analytical - Quantitative
  • (D-D) = Diversity - Domestic
  • (D-I) = Diversity - International
  • (D-L) = Diversity - Language
  • (RCH) = Research
  • (W) = Wellness
  • (WI) = Writing Intensive
  • (AY) = Offered in Alternative Year

*CHIN 101 BEGINNING CHINESE I (5 credits) (D-L)
This course introduces the formation, pronunciation, and basic grammars and vocabularies of Mandarin Chinese, and develops the ability of learners to communicate in Chinese at the elementary level. The emphasis of the course will be on linguistic capacity essential to everyday usage of the language in the real Chinese speaking world. Sociocultural backgrounds of Chinese societies and the emotions and moral judgments embedded in the language also will be introduced. (D-L)

*CHIN 102 BEGINNING CHINESE II (5 credits) This is a continuation of CHIN 101, a beginning Chinese course for non-native Chinese speakers. This course is designed to help students further develop their oral communication skills in daily life situations as well as improve their reading and writing proficiency in Chinese. In addition to class time, students are required to have one-on-one sessions with the Teaching Assistant. Prerequisite: CHIN 101. (D-L)

*CHIN 103 BEGINNING CHINESE ACCELERATE (2 credits) This is a beginning level Chinese course for students who have prior experience learning Chinese and wish to continue their study in order to prepare for CHIN 201 in the following semester. Materials in the second half of Beginning Chinese will be covered in an accelerated pace. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor. (D-L)

This is a transitional course emphasizing a development of a student's ability to incorporate grammars, vocabularies, and culturally grounded expressions that they already know with what they are learning in order to communicate in Chinese in a more effective fashion. Prerequisite: CHIN 102 or 103. (D-L)

 This course is a continuation of CHIN 201, an intermediate level Chinese course. This course aims to help students further develop their oral and written communication skills in the target language, as well as their awareness of the target culture. Students are required to have one-on-one sessions with the Teaching Assistant or Tutor outside class. Prerequisite: CHIN 201.

This course is designed to support and enhance a student's learning experience through extensive reading of Chinese texts. Students will choose readings from a selection that is kept in reserve in Lilly Library. Homework assignments will be based on those readings. Students enrolled in the course will be evaluated by their reading selections, attendance and assignments. Prerequisite: Students must have successfully completed CHIN 101 or the equivalent.

This course is a continuation of second-year Chinese. The general objective is to improve the learners’ Chinese (Mandarin) proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. The course materials are selected articles from authentic Chinese newspapers, which will facilitate the students’ command of formal register and vocabulary. By studying, discussing and reflecting on these articles, students  also will enhance their understanding in Chinese society and culture. Prerequisite: CHIN 101, 201 or permission of the instructor.

This course will focus on two aspects of the political economy of China and India. First, it will undertake a comparative examination of the economic performance of these countries since the 1940s, taking into account important historical and political factors. Second, it will look into what the future may hold for these two countries. Prerequisite: ECON 100 or consent of instructor. Also listed as ECON 350 and INST 350.

*CHIN 356  INTRODUCTION TO CHINESE CINEMA (3 credits) This course will provide students an overview of Chinese film history. Film makers from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and overseas as well as their works will be introduced. Students will experience different themes and genres of Chinese films and develop analytical appreciation skills. No prior knowledge of cinema studies or Chinese language is required. (D-I)

*CHIN 485  INDEPENDENT STUDY (1-3 credits)