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Iverson’s tenure at Earlham pre-dates even his research in The Bahamas. Since arriving in 1978, he has become a leading national voice on reptile ecology (he spends equally as much time researching turtles in Nebraska, Florida and Indiana), and has co-authored 49 peer-reviewed publications involving 49 Earlham students. His work has been supported by more than $1 million in grants by the National Science Foundation, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, International Iguana Foundation, and Earlham-sponsored professional development funds, among other sources.

“I love when my students go on and get Ph.D.s, but I get the same satisfaction working with students who don’t pursue a career in biology but still have a great time on the research,” he says. “The most extreme reward I get is for those folks who make a difference in their own right independent of me.”