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To earn a Minor in Arabic, a student must complete:

Two advanced Arabic language courses any combination of:

  • ARBC 301: Advanced Arabic I (reading)
  • ARBC 302: Advanced Arabic II (writing)
  • ARBC 303: Advanced Arabic III (listening comprehension)

Three upper-level Arabic courses of three or more credits:

  • ARBC 301/302/303: Advanced Arabic (not including the two required above)
  • ARBC 385 or ARBC 427: Topics in Comparative Literatures (may be retaken with new topics, but must be in Arabic)
  • ARBC 484: Collaborative Research Project or ARBC 485: Independent Study
  • A GLCA Shared Language Arabic Course
  • CLL 407: Translation
  • One of which may be substituted with a comparative linguistics course —
    CLL 345: Linguistics or CLL 348: Sociolinguistics, or an Arabic Topics in English course (such as ME Literature in English, or Literature of Andalusia).

An off-campus study program in Jordan (one semester or May Term), or an alternative approved Arabic-language off-campus program or internship. This can include participation in a GLCA Shared Language Arabic course, or taking an official Arabic class while on another study abroad program (in Germany, Spain, Japan, etc.).