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The London Program has a long history at Earlham. The first program took place in 1961 and the program has run continually since that time. Earlham partners with the Foundation for International Education (FIE) in London and students take classes with the Earlham faculty member as well as with specialists in London at FIE.

Students will live in pairs in private homes during their stay, giving them the chance to learn about daily life among Londoners.  Most housing is in north central London.

The London experience will be supplemented by several weekend excursions to such areas as Bath, Bletchley Park, Cambridge, Canterbury, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Greenwich, Dover and Winchester. There will be one-week of independent travel time in March.


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Courses and Credits

Students who choose the Internship or Service Learning Pathways will earn a total of 18 semester hours for successful completion of the program, and Study Pathway students will earn 17 semester hours. All FIE courses count as upper level credits. See the FIE website for a complete description of the classes offered this year: 

All students in the Internship, Service Learning and Study Pathways will register for the Earlham faculty leader's course:

  • British Caribbean Literature (ENG 463; 4 hours):  From the 1920's to the 1960's large numbers of West Indians found themselves in London, and it is the perfect place to study how language, history and culture interacted to produce unique and distinctive literature concerned with the processes of decolonization and the condition of exile. This course will look at the works of Anglo-Caribbean writers and in particular the time period known as the Caribbean Arts Movement. This course will be taught by Joann Quiñones. This course satisfies the Perspectives on Diversity - International general education requirement.

In addition to the Earlham faculty leader's course, students who opt for the Internship or Service Learning Pathways will register for the following (for a total of 18 credit hours):

In addition to the Earlham faculty leader's course (4 hours), students who opt for the Study Pathway will register for the following (for a total of 17 credit hours):

Cultural Excursions

The London Program includes group excursions to many places in England such as Canterbury, Bath, Stonehenge, Stratford, Cambridge and Oxford. There are also local excursions and cultural events such as the theatre, concerts, museums and the Houses of Parliament. 

Pre-Departure Course and Post-Return Course

Students accepted to the London Program are required to participate in Cross-Cultural Explorations I (1 credit) prior to departure and Cross-Cultural Explorations II (1 credit) after they return. Pre-departure sessions are designed to prepare students for the cross-cultural experience and will include readings, activities, films, lectures, and discussions with former participants of the program. A weekend retreat is part of this course. Students and parents will receive a Handbook of important information prior to the program. Following return to campus, students will participate in a 7-week course that will guide them in processing, analyzing and building upon their off-campus experience. Credit for Cross-Cultural Explorations I is dependent upon successful completion of the semester program.

Academic Programs




The London Program will cost the same as one semester of on-campus charges at Earlham. The program covers academic and educational costs, and includes field excursions and other group activities as well as room and board while on the academic portion of the program. A deposit of $350 is required after acceptance into the program, which is a part of the total cost. Students on financial aid may apply their aid to one Earlham or GLCA-recognized off-campus program during their college career.

Additional Costs

Each student will need to plan for additional money to cover round-trip airfare, visa expenses, personal expenses such as books, passport, and costs for the independent travel period.


Students are responsible for arranging flights to and from England.


Undergraduate students in good academic standing may apply. Students on academic probation are not eligible to participate. A person’s eligibility for this program may also be affected by being placed on disciplinary probation. Majors from all disciplines are welcome. Selection will be conducted by a student and faculty committee.



Students and faculty share stories and photos about the London Program experience.

2011 Program Blog

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