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Program Policies

Earlham College students are eligible to participate in Earlham College programs or Earlham–approved programs with their financial aid packages. Students who participate in an off-campus program other than those already approved must apply for a leave of absence for the semester that they are gone.

Semester Programs

Students who participate in one of Earlham's semester programs must abide by the following policies.
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Earlham-Approved Off-Campus Programs

Earlham has approved nine different off-campus programs that are managed by outside sources, often other GLCA schools. Students who participate in one of these programs must follow these policies.
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May Term

Each year, Earlham offers several off-campus May Term classes. Students who wish to take one of these May Terms must abide by the following policies.
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All faculty who wish to submit a proposal for an off-campus May Term must complete both the Preliminary (Part 1) and one of the Full (Part 2) proposal forms. This includes faculty who have already offered off-campus May Terms. Before completing a May Term Proposal, please review this description of Immersion Experiences.

Financial Aid Policies

Earlham students may use their financial aid packages for studying abroad with one of the College's programs or an Earlham-approved program, detailed in these policies.
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Sex/Gender Harassment, Discrimination and Misconduct Policies

All members of the Earlham College community have the right to be free from all forms of sex/gender harassment, discrimination and misconduct, whether they are on campus or participating in an off-campus program. Earlham's policies on these issues are outlined here.



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