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May Term Application

Thank you for your interest in an Earlham College off-campus May Term. Please read these instructions carefully. Once you have completed steps 1-3, please click the Proceed to Application button, found in the fourth tab on this page.

Apply for the following May Terms before the listed deadline:

October 15, 2016:

Please note that you cannot apply for a May Term that is not currently accepting applications. If you have a question about May Term offerings, whether listed here or not, please email or visit the Center for Global Education.

Steps to Completion

Application Essays

Complete and save the following essay questions in one PDF or Microsoft Word document.

  1. Explain why you wish to participate in this May Term.
  2. How do your describe yourself as a student? Please include your study habits, your initiative, your capacity for staying motivated, and your capacity for independent research. Please provide illustrative examples.
  3. Please add any information that you think the selection committee should know about you. This may include special accomplishments or achievements.
  4. Please describe any special concerns you may have about areas such as diet, food, medical or environmental allergies, privacy, level of physical activity, and so on.

May Term Policies

Students who participate in Earlham off-campus May Terms must abide by the following policies. Read the policies related to off-campus May Term applications and courses.

Application Forms

Please download, print and bring the following forms to the person indicated. If you have any questions, please call or email the Center for Global Education at (765) 983-1424.

 1) Dean of Student Development Reference Form

Please complete the top section of this form and submit it to the Dean of Student Development (first floor of Earlham Hall).

 Dean _Reference

2) Academic Adviser Reference Form

Please complete the top section of this form and give it to your academic adviser.

 Adviser _Reference

Once you have completed your essays, read the policies regarding off-campus May Terms and applications, and are prepared to supply the reference forms to the appropriate individuals, click below to proceed to the application. This should take approximately 15 minutes.




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