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Students are required to take the following course to earn a Sports Management Integrated Pathway designation:

  • MGMT 260 Contemporary Sports Management — offered alternative years

In addition, students are required to take 4 courses from the following options to earn a Sports Management Integrated Pathway designation:

  • MGMT 141 World of Business
  • MGMT 200 Financial Accounting
  • MGMT 211 Leadership: Theory & Practice
  • MGMT 342 Leadership and Dealing with Differences
  • EDUC/CCCE 120 Foundations of Education — offered alternative years
  • EDUC/CCCE 248 Theory and Practice of Education — offered alternative years
  • PSYC 372 Psychology of Sport — offered alternative years
  • ENSU/EDUC 210 Outdoor and Environmental Education
  • AWPE 341 Exercise Physiology — offered alternative years
  • AWPE 342 Kinesiology
  • Independent Research Study (Minimum 2 credits)
  • If another course is offered that relates to the both sports and the student’s interest, this may be selected in consultation with the Sports Management convener (e.g., Earlham Seminars)

Note: Students may not take all 5 courses in a designated discipline: students must select at least one course from a minimum of three designated disciplines (e.g., 1 MGMT, 1 EDUC/CCCE, 1 PSYC) and then the remaining two required courses can be from the area that is of primary interest to the student


Co-Curricular Activity

Students shall complete one of the following co-curricular activities:

  • On-campus opportunities within Athletics, Marketing, the Sports Information Office or special events (must be approved by both the Sports Management convener and a representative from the respective office/department)
  •  Volunteer experiences with relevant organizations — K-12 organizations, City/State Government, Boys/Girls Club, YMCA, YWCA, etc.
  • Other opportunities in consultation and approved by the Sports Management convener


Culminating Experience 

A substantial research paper comprising either a primary or secondary research study on a topic of the student's choosing in consultation with their adviser or faculty member and in consultation with the Sports Management convener. This research project incorporates various aspects of the sports management curricula and consists of either a publishable paper or a post presentation suited to the appropriate academic conference. The purpose of this experience is to tailor a project to the student’s area of interest with the intent on producing a creative, scholarly outcome geared towards graduate school or a job-talk paper and presentation.