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The following courses are required:

  • EDUC 221 Outdoor Trip Leadership — offered annually in Spring Semester
  • EDUC 311 Wilderness First Responder  — offered annually as an early on-campus May Term

Two participation-based courses:

  • At least one of the following advanced skill AWPE courses:
    • AWPE 202 Intermediate Gym Climbing
    • AWPE 300 Canoe Skills Seminar
    • AWPE 304 Outdoor Rock Climbing Seminar
    • Other courses or related EPIC Advantage Programs/May Terms will be considered by petition.
  • AWPE 144 Outdoor Activites
  • AWPE 200 Introduction to Canoeing
  • AWPE 201 Indoor Gym Climbing
  • AWPE 207 Backpacking
  • AWPE 210 Trail Building/Invasive Species Control

One of the following education- or leadership-focused academic courses:

  • EDUC 120 Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 210 Outdoor & Environmental Education
  • EDUC 248 Theory and Practice of Education
  • ENSU 320 Pedagogies of Place
  • TESO 344 Studies in Language Learning and Teaching
  • Another course with an education/leadership focus in Global Management, Human Development & Social Relations, History, Museum Studies, Peace & Global Studies, Philosophy, Psychology or Teacher Education.
  • Other courses will be considered by petition.

One of the following natural science academic courses:

  • BIOL 111 Ecological Biology
  • BIOL 226 Biological Diversity
  • ENSU 141 Environment, Society and Sustainability
  • ENSU 151 Environment, Science and Sustainability
  • GEOL 201 Earth and the Environment
  • PHYS 115 Encounters with the Cosmos
  • Other natural science courses or related EPIC Advantage programs/May Terms will be considered by petition.


Co-curricular Activity

Students must complete a qualifying multi-­day (7 days+) field practicum experience, including 4 days in a leader-­of-­the-­day or instructor role. Experience to include planning, logistics, field time and debrief/evaluation (e.g., OTL TA, Multi-­day AWPE Instructor, August Wilderness Instructor, Internship, NOLS/Outward Bound course, or another experience approved by the Director of Outdoor and Environmental Education).


Culminating Experience

All students must submit a capstone portfolio and complete a mock job interview with an EC Career Coach. The portfolio includes the following:

  • A statement on personal educational philosophy.
  • A critical reflection essay on qualifying practicum field experience.
  • A sample written lesson plan from qualifying field experience.
  • An outdoor-focused resume.