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Each student will complete five courses.

Three of the following courses

  • POLS 111 Introduction to Politics
  • POLS 342 Congress and Public Policy
  • POLS 346 Constitutional Law
  • POLS 364 Power, Politics, Theory

Two of the following courses

  • REL 330 Mass Incarceration and Moral Vision
  • ENG 350 Contesting America
  • ENG 353 Topics in Peace and Justice
  • HIST 121 Introduction to U.S. History to 1865
  • HIST 122 Introduction to U.S. History since 1865
  • MATH/PHIL 130 Symbolic Logic


Co-Curricular Activity

At least two of the following activities:

  • Participation in Earlham Student Government in a leadership position (at least 20 hours)
  • Participation as Student representative on a College-wide committee (at least 20 hours)
  • Leadership position in ECMUN (at least 20 hours)
  • Participation in FCNL Spring Lobby Weekend
  • Participate in an MUN Traveling Team
  • Volunteer with an advocacy organization (at least 20 hours)


Culminating Experience 

A Capstone Portfolio to include

  • Title page with student name
  • Rationale for pursuing this Integrated Pathway
  • Short essay (under 1500 words that connects the rationale, courses taken, and co-curricular components)
  • Writing sample from course work
  • Resume highlighting this Integrated Pathway