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Four of the following courses, not more than two from the same division:

  • Natural Sciences
    • BIO 226 Biological Diversity
    • BIO 346 Vertebrate Zoology
    • BIO 348 Ornithology
    • BIO 357 Animal Behavior
    • BIO 360 Conservation Biology
    • BIO 362 Biology of Insects
    • MUSE 215 Engaging Audiences with Outreach and Interpretation
    • MUSE 241 Care and Use of Collections
  • Humanities
    • ENG 208 Contemporary Literature: Human, Animal, Machine
    • ENG 370 Topics in Literary Theory: The Posthuman
  • Social Sciences
    • JPNS 349 Japanimals
    • PSYC 358 Human-Animal Interaction


Co-Curricular Activity

Students shall complete one of the following co-curricular activities:

  • Volunteering/internship at a local animal shelter (e.g., HELP the Animals, 2nd Chance Animal Shelter)
  • Volunteering/internship at a local veterinarian’s office (e.g., Animal Hospital of Richmond, Animal Care Alliance)
  • Volunteering/internship at Sunrise (therapeutic riding barn)
  • Observing some type of animal-assisted therapy or search & rescue organization/person/training
  • Observing the local animal-control officers
  • Animal care giving at the Joseph Moore Museum
  • Volunteering in a Bird Banding Station
  • Volunteering for small mammal trapping researcher
  • Semester-long leadership position at the Horse Barn


Culminating Experience

Panel presentations at each spring's “Celebration of Learning” event are required by all students who have completed the IP within a given year. Each student would present which classes they took to complete the IP, the co-curricular activity they did, discuss how they believe all of these things fit together, and how they believe the IP have influenced their future plans, major and/or self.