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Ford/Knight Projects 1986-2015


  • Gertrude Ward (Bio, JMM), Richmond Architects, 87-88
  • Garret Boone, Whitewater Gorge Design Project, 88-89
  • Dick Rodgers, Testing New Photographic Film and Paper, 88-89
  • Garret Boone, Design for Richmond, 89-90
  • Garret Boone, Art and Design in Service to the City of Richmond, 90 (summer)
  • Garret Boone, Design Project, 90-91
  • Richard Rodgers, Quaker Meeting Houses, 91-92
  • Michael Thiedeman, To Design and Build a Wood Kiln, 91-92
  • Nancy Taylor, Weaving in Three Cultures, 93-94
  • Dick Rodgers, Documentary Photography, 94-95
  • Nancy Taylor, African Surface Design, 95-96
  • Holly Goeckler, Chasing and Repousee, 95-96
  • Dick Rodgers, Document in Writing and Photography a Regionally Distinctive City:  Richmond, Indiana, 96-97
  • Nancy Taylor, Kilim Weaving, 96-97
  • Nancy Taylor, Batik, 97-98
  • Kristin Fedders, Quakers and the Visual Arts, 01-02
  • Julia May/Newell Pledger Shin, Altered Spaces: Quaker Architecture, Ideology and Change, 06-07
  • Nathan Jones, The Ceremonial Mace: Symbolism and Significance, 10-11
  • Julia May, Quakerism and Classicism in the Works of Marcus Mote, 10-11
  • Julia May/Tom Hamm/Anne Thomason, Marcus Mote and the Quaker Aesthetic, 12-13
  • Nancy Taylor, The Colors of Earlham, 13-14
  • Nancy Taylor & Walt Bistline, Photos on Fabric, 14-15

Athletics, Wellness and Physical Education

  • Virginia Dickerson, Movement Studies, 90-91
  • Porter Miller, Wellness Center Management, 94-95


  • Bill Harvey, Initiating a Molecular Biology Program, 87-88
  • John Iverson, Demographics of the Yellow Mud Turtle, 87-88
  • Brent Smith, Plant Population Ecology, 87-88
  • Brent Smith, Plant Population Ecology, 88-89
  • Jerry Woolpy, Spreadsheets, 89-90
  • Leslie Bishop, Spiders, 90-91
  • Leslie Bishop/Kathy Milar/Sara Penhale, Women and Science, 90-91
  • Bill Buskirk/Brent Smith, Tropical Biology, 90-91
  • John Iverson, Turtle Populations, 91-92
  • Bill Harvey, Slime Mold and Histones, 93-94
  • Amy Mulnix, Bioengineering Ethics, 94-95
  • Amy Mulnix, Serpins in Insects, 95-96
  • Amy Mulnix, Insect Serpins, 99-00
  • Brent Smith, Plant Ecology, 95-96
  • Leslie Bishop, Biography of Libbie Hyman, 98-99
  • John Iverson, Population Biology of Turtles, 98-99
  • Brent Smith, The Presettlement Vegetation of the Whitewater Valley, Indiana, 00-01
  • Bill Buskirk, The Historic and Present Avifauna of the Whitewater Valley, 01-02
  • Gary Breitenback, Some Biosocial Consequences of Civilization, 01-02
  • Leslie Bishop, Tropical Spider Ecology, 02-03
  • Nathan Trueblood, Fen-phen-omena: Obesity and Heart Disease Research, 03-04
  • John Iverson, Population Demography of Freshwater Turtles in the Nebraska Sandhills, 03-04
  • Amy Mulnix, Exploring the Potential Research Applications of Biological Databases, 03-04
  • Leslie Bishop, Tropical Spider Diversity, 05-06
  • Peter Blair, Exploring and Surveying the Microbial Diversity in Yellowstone National Park, 05-06
  • Amy Mulnix, Introductory Level Cell and Molecular Text, 05-06
  • Mic Jackson, Greening Richmond, 05-06
  • Brent Smith, Investigate the Ecology of Old-grown Forests that Remain Today, 05-06
  • Susan Willson, Niche Diversification in a Guild of Obligate Arm-ant-following Birds of Amazonian Peru, 06-07
  • Leslie Bishop, Spider Diversity in Dominica, 07-08
  • Peter Blair, Refining the Annotations of the Malaria Genome, 07-08
  • Brent Smith, The Ecology of Old-Growth Forests, 07-08 (Deferred)
  • Wendy Tori, Reproductive Behavior of Eastern Blue Birds in Richmond, Indiana, 10-12
  • Chris Smith, The Nutritional Basis of Division of Labor in Ants, 11-12
  • Peter Blair, Revisiting the Malaria Genome and the Scientific Publication Process, 13-14
  • Bob Rosenberg, Cellular Changes During Nerve Cell Regeneration Following Spinal Cord Injury in Lamprey, 13-14
  • Wendy Tori, Reproductive Behavior of Eastern Bluebirds in Richmond, Indiana, 13-14
  • Heather Lerner, Comparative Genomics of the Harpy Eagle and Other Raptors, 13-14
  • Amy Mulnix, Teacher-Motivations for Innovated Classroom Pedagogy, 14-15

Business and Nonprofit Management

  • Monteze Snyder, Formal Organizations and Serving the Marginalized and Under-Served, 02-03
  • Monteze Snyder, Emerging Non-governmental Organizations and Transitional Economies, 06-07
  • Monteze Snyder, Organizations for Activists: An Online Resource for Understanding Formal Organizations and Context, 09-10
  • Becky Jestice & Aletha Stahl, Virtual Worlds in Education, 13-14


  • Wil Stratton, Mercury in the Environment, 91-92
  • Paul Orgen, Laser Lab, 94-95
  • Tom Ruttledge, Biocontrol Mechanisms, 95-96
  • Wil Stratton, Mercury Studies, 95-96
  • Tom Ruttledge, Relationship of Host-Exuded Chemicals and Pathogenicity by Pythium Ultimum, 96-97
  • Paul Orgen, High Resolution Laser Spectra of High-Temperature Gases, 97-98
  • Corinne Deibel, Determination of Pesticide Contamination, 98-99
  • Paul Orgen, Pattern Recognition and Analysis in Chemistry, 01-02
  • Mark Stocksdale, Synthesis of Phytosiderophore Conjugates: An Investigation of Iron Transport-Mediated Delivery to Targeted Plant Species, 01-02
  • Mark Stocksdale, Organic Synthesis Research Studies: 1. Preparation of Phytosiderophore Conjugates  2. Ring Contraction and Expansion Studies of Cyclic B-Hydroxy Tertiary Amines, 02-03
  • Michael Deibel, Cloning and Expression of Human Genes that Encode Metalloproteins, 02-03
  • Paul Ogren, High Field Variable Temperature Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Aluminum Halide Complexes with Cyclic Ethers, 03-04
  • Corinne Deibel, Determination Of The Antioxidant Properties of Kava Kava, 03-04
  • Michael Deibel, Isolation and Antioxidant Determination of Compounds in Natural Products, 05-06
  • Lori Watson, Inorganic Synthesis Research Studies: Preparation of Unsaturated Constrained Geometry Bisimido Transition Metal Complexes, 05-06
  • Corinne Deibel, CSI Earlham: GC-MS can REALLY do!, 06-07
  • Mark Stocksdale, Pharmaceuticals, Then and Now; A living History of Medicines and Drugs, 06-07
  • Olen Stephens, Cloning Homologous SH3 Domains into an Efficient and Cost Effective
    Expression Vector, 07-08
  • Lori Watson, Synthesis, Characterization and Computational Modeling of Unsaturated
    Organometallic Complexes, 07-08
  • Michael Deibel, Analysis of Toxic Metals in the Environment by X-Ray Fluorescence,
  • Michael Deibel, Extraction, Separation and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds in Natural Products, 09-10
  • Lori Watson, Chemistry of Food Preparation and Preservation:Use of powder XRD, ATR-FTIR,NMR,DC, and Calorimetry in Food Science, 09-10
  • Mike & Corinne Deibel, Chemical Analysis of Ceramics and Art, 13-14
  • Kalani Seu, Techniques for Investigating the Interaction of EGCG with Lipid Vesicles, 14-15

Classical Studies

  • Steve Heiny, Bacchae, 90-91
  • Steve Heiny, The Olympic Games, 94-95
  • Steve Heiny, Sophocles’ Philoctetes and its Reception (Unpacking the baggage), 09-10
  • Steve Heiny, Seamus Heaney's Classics, 12-13
  • Steve Heiny, Seamus Heaney’s “The Bookcase,” 14-15

Computer Science

  • Cheryl Chisnell/Hal Hanes/Ray Ontko/Peter Suber, Logic and Programming, 87-88
  • Jim Kennedy, Teaching Computer Searching, 90-91
  • Jim Rogers, Research on Parsing Multi-Dimensional Grammars, 04-05
  • Lew Riley/Charlie Peck, Computer Interfacing of Laboratory Equipment Across the Sciences, 99-00
  • Charlie Peck, Cluster Computing Group, 05-06
  • Mark Pearson, Teaching with Technology at Earlham: Integrating the Moodle Course Management System (CMS) with Earlham’s Computing Services, 05-06  (late)
  • Charlie Peck, Folding & Clusters and Computational Science Education Module Development, 07-08
  • Charlie Peck/Mic Jackson, Visualizaing Scientific Data, 12-13


  • Jonathan Diskin, Community Economic Development Studies, 98-99
  • Rajaram Krishnan, Distributional Aspects of Global Environmental Policy, 00-01
  • Rajaram Krishnan, Aggressive Unilateralism: An Approach to Poverty Alleviation, 04-05
  • Mark Lautzenheiser, Speculation and the Role of Institutions, 05-06
  • Jonathan Diskin, Density and Development in Cincinnati, Dayton and Indianapolis, 07-08
  • Rajaram Krishnan, Educational Actors and the Dynamics and Mechanics of Collaboration, 14-15


  • Paul Lacey, Quaker Philosophy of Education, 94-95
  • Rajaram Krishnan, Evaluating ‘No Child Left Behind’: Measuring Achievement and Measures of Assessment, 08-09
  • Jay Roberts, Education for Sustainability: Developing a Comprehensive Sustainability Plan at Earlham College, 12-13


  • Dan Meerson, Shakespeare and Performance Criticism, 88-89
  • Lincoln Blake, Intro to African/American Studies, 91-92
  • Paul Lacey, Study of Four American Poets, 92-93
  • Tony Bing, The Quaker Peace Testimony, Earlham College and US Wars, 96-97
  • Barbara Caruso, Research in Nature Writing, 96-97
  • Barbara Caruso, Research in Ecofeminism, 96-97
  • Kari Kalve, Architecture and Literature, 98-99
  • Barbara Caruso, Adrienne Rich and the History of her Books, 99-00
  • Kari Kalve, The Unspeakable, 03-04
  • Scott Hess, Postmodernism and Ecology, 03-04
  • Bonita Washington-Lacey, In the Spirit with Toni Morrison, 05-06
  • Amupama Arora, The Diasporic Imaginary: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 06-07
  • Joann Quinones, En Nueva York: Literature and Culture of Puerto Rican Migration to the U.S from 1917-1952, 06-07
  • David Ebenbach, Getting the Word Out: Bringing Poetry to a Wider Audience, 07-08
  • Nate Eastman, Othello: From Page to Stage, 09-10
  • Sejal Sutaria, Nation-states, Nationalism, and Global Literature, 11-12
  • Scott Hess, Nature and Identity in Romantic Landscape Painting, 14-15

Environmental Studies

  • Jay Roberts, Education for Sustainability: Developing a Comprehensive Sustainability Plan at Earlham College, 12-13

French and Francophone Studies

  • Annie Bandy, Semiotics, 89-90
  • Judy Schaneman, Women and the Enlightenment in France, 92-93
  • Annie Bandy, Francophone Literature, 94-95
  • Aletha Stahl, Translating the French Caribbean: Politics and Practice, 98-99
  • Annie Bandy, Caribbean Islands???, 01-02
  • Annie Bandy, French Passport "Passeport pour la France" A Radio program, on WECI, 06-07
  • Annie Bandy, East Meets West in the Caribbean: A Research About the Indian Diaspora
    in the French West Indies, 07-08
  • Aletha Stahl/Sandrine Sanos, The French politics of Home: Exile, Nation, and Citizenship, 1950-1968, 07-08
  • Annie Bandy, The Forgotten Faces of Creoleness. A Comparative Research of East
    Indian and Chinese immigration in the French West Indies, 09-10
  • Annie Bandy, Friday, the Carib Amerindien, 13-14
  • Becky Jestice & Aletha Stahl, Virtual Worlds in Education, 13-14


  • Jon Branstrator, Science Writing, 87-88
  • Helen Hay, Geophysical Bedrock Mapping, 87-88
  • Chuck Martin, Geology Along the Oregon Trail, 91-92
  • Jon Branstrator, Develop Pre-instrument and Hands-on Self-instruction Modules for Student Use of the Scanning Electron Microscope, 92-93
  • Helen Hay, Geophysics Field Project, 92-93

German Language and Literature

  • Margaret Hampton, Women in German, 89-90
  • Rick Jurasek, Literature into Film, 93-94
  • Alice Shrock, The Gurney Family of Earlham Hall, 02-03
  • Barbara Jurasek/Aletha Stahl, (Re)Inventing Indiana: Creating French-and-German Speaking Characters for CP, 04-05
  • Barbara Jurasek, Jewish-German Literature, 95-96
  • Rick Jurasek, Narrative Cinema, 96-97
  • Margaret Hampton, The New Germany and the New Germans, 00-01
  • Margaret Hampton, Germany & Southwest Africa, 06-07
  • Margaret Hampton, Islam in Germany, 09-10
  • David Stroeh, Post 1989 German Literature and Film, 09-10


  • Randall Shrock, Compassion and Responsibility: Charity and Social Control in Richmond 1860s-1900, 86-87
  • Tom Hamm, The Anti-slavery Schism of 1842, 88-89
  • Jim Sellman, The Women’s Temperance Crusade in Richmond 1874, 88-89
  • Jackson Bailey, WWII Japanese at EC, 89-90
  • Tom Hamm, History of EC (1946-58), 89-90
  • Tom Hamm, History of Earlham College, 90-91
  • Phyllis Boanes, African/American Anthology, 91-92
  • Carol Hunter, Black Abolitionists, 91-92
  • Alice Shrock, History, Policies, and Politics of Abortion in Great Britain, 91-92
  • Tom Hamm/Alice Shrock, Earlham in the 1960s, 93-94
  • Carol Hunter, Peace and Justice History, 93-94
  • Randall Shrock, The Two Earlhams, 93-94
  • Bob Southard, Jewish Literature, 93-94
  • Tom Hamm/Wes Miller, Video History of Earlham, 95-96
  • Tom Hamm, History of Indiana Yearly Mtg., 94-95
  • Bob Southard, The Crusades, 95-96
  • Omer Hadziselimovic, Tombstones and All That: Aspects of Bosnian History and Culture, 96-97
  • Tom Hamm, The Hicksite Separation in Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends, 96-97
  • Carol Hunter/Chris Goertzen, Song and Negotiated Images in Native American Pow-Wows, African American Civil Rights Movement, and Applachian Occupational Songs, 99-00
  • Peter Cline, Homosexuals and Gays in Historical Context, 97-98
  • Phyllis Boanes, The Loss of Hegemony: The NAACP in the 1950s and 1960s, 98-99
  • Alice Shrock, The Gurney Girls of Earlham Hall, 98-99
  • Tom Hamm, Quakers and African Americans in Indiana to 1860, 99-00
  • Tom Hamm, Quakers and the Visual Arts, 01-02
  • Alice Shrock, Social Change and Charity:  The Reform Activities of the Earlham Hall Group, 03-04
  • Tom Hamm/ Kristin Fedders, The Quaker Way of Death, 1650-1900, 03-04
  • Alice Shrock, The Abolitionists Of Earlham Hall (UK), 04-05
  • Tom Hamm, Levi Coffin Considered, 05-06
  • Randall Shrock, Joseph John Gurney of Earlham Hall and His Views on Education, 06-07 (Deferred)
  • Tom Hamm, Quakers and Race, 1919-1929, 07-08
  • Chuck Yates/Andrew Sloin/Edna Southard, Divided Memory and Shoah, 08-09
  • Tom Hamm, The Strange Case of Charles F. Coffin, 09-10
  • Tom Kirk, History of Earlham College Library Service, 10-11
  • Andrew Sloin, The Soviet Avant-Garde, 11-12
  • Tom Hamm and Alice Shrock, Quaker Women's History in the Long Nineteenth-Century, 1790-1920, 11-12
  • Tom Hamm/Julie May/Anne Thomason, Marcus Mote and the Quaker Aesthetic, 12-13
  • Alice Shrock, Uppity Women: Quaker Women as Agents of Social Change, 12-13
  • Andrew Sloin, Jews in America, 1820-1939, 12-13
  • Joanna Swanger, The 1960s and the Production of the Post-Factual Present, 12-13
  • Tom Hamm & Betsy Schlabach, The Antislavery Movement in Indiana, 1800-1850, 14-15
  • Alice Shrock, Uppity Women: Quaker Women as Agents of Advancement Abroad, 14-15

Japanese Language and Linguistics

  • Akiko Kakutani/Yasumi Kuriya, Japanese Food and its Dietary Education, Shokuiku, 09-10

Jewish Studies

  • Andrew Sloin, Jews in America, 1820-1939, 12-13


  • Cheryl Gibbs, Finding Personal Meaning in News about Far-away Strangers, 99-00
  • Cheryl Gibbs, The Life of Landrom Bolling:  Biographical Research and Archiving, 03-04
  • Judi Hetrick, Peace Journalism, 11-12



  • Daryl Ezzo, Problem Solving, 89-90
  • Hal Hanes/Welling Hall, Poll on US-Soviets, 89-90
  • Mic Jackson, Curriculum Materials for Calculus, 91-92
  • Hal Hanes, Design, Construction, and Preliminary Texting of Self-instructional Materials for a College Level Mathematical LIteracy Course, 92-93
  • Mic Jackson, Greening Earlham, 03-04
  • Anand Pardhanani, Spots,Stripes,Spirals and More: An Exploration of Pattern Formation in Nature, 09-10
  • Anand Pardhanani, Mathematical Projects and Strategies in Service of Social Justice and Public Policy, 10-11
  • Mic Jackson/Charlie Peck, Visualizaing Scientific Data, 12-13
  • Martha Byrne, The Mathematics of Games, 14-15

Museum Studies

  • Amy Bryant, Digitizing Earlham: Creating Online Exhibits of Photographs from Earlham’s Archives, 08-09
  • Ann-Eliza Lewis, Curating Ethnographic and Archaeological Collections at the Joseph Moore Museum, 14-15


  • Dan Graves, Choral Conducting, 88-89
  • Dan Graves/Eleanore Vail, Conducting, 89-90
  • Dan Graves, Quaker Choral Texts, 91-92
  • Eleanore Vail, Teaching Piano, 91-92
  • Dan Graves, Quaker Choral Music, 93-94
  • Eleanore Vail, The Music of Rebecca Clarke, 93-94
  • Dan Graves, Multiculturalism and the Choral Canon from 1975-2000, 99-00
  • Marc Benamou, Classical Music and Ethnic Identity in Detroit, 08-09
  • Dan Graves, Live Music in Richmond: Musicians and Venues, 09-10
  • Bill Culverhouse, Musics of the Arab World, 10-11
  • Forrest Tobey, Researching and Writing a Liberal Arts Music Theory Website and Textbook, 10-12
  • Dan Graves, Music and Neuroscience: Are There Any Universal Emotional Responses to Music?, 11-12
  • Bill Culverhouse, Research Topics in Jordan, 13-14

Peace and Global Studies

  • Tony Bing, The Arab-Israeli Conflict and the American Peace Movement, 88-89
  • Caroline Richards/Howard Richards, Study of a Chilean Education Project: Nos Juntamos, 88-89
  • Tony Bing, American Peace Movement, 89-90
  • Dick Holden, Project Children in Northern Ireland, 90-91
  • Caroline Higgins, Los Angeles Street Youth, 93-94
  • Caroline Higgins, The Reinventing Childhood Project, 99-00
  • Caroline Higgins/Howard Richards, Cultures of Violence/Peace, 95-96
  • Caroline Higgins, Redemocratization in Argentina, Especially in Rosario, 05-06
  • Welling Hall, Peace Encyclopedia, 12-13
  • Joanna Swanger, The 1960s and the Production of the Post-Factual Present, 12-13


  • Peter Suber/Cheryl Chisnell/Ray Ontko/Hal Hanes, Logic and Programming, 87-88
  • Peter Suber, Civil Disobedience, 90-91
  • Marya Bower, Issues in Bioethics, 08-09
  • Len Clark, The Spirit and Practice of Consensus-seeking, 09-10
  • Len Clark, Consensus-seeking as a Decision-making Method, 10-11
  • Ferit Güven, The Paradoxes of Democracy, 10-11
  • Marya Bower, Identity and China, 11-12
  • Len Clark, The Spirit and Practice of Consensus-seeking, 14-15

Physics and Astronomy

  • Ray Hively, Collaborative Research in Solar Physics, 92-93
  • John Howell, Writing Physlets for the Web, 03-04
  • Fonsie Guilaran, Research Into Gas Sensors Based on Nanobelts of SemiconductingOxides, 05-06
  • Ray Hively, Earth Mounds of the American-Indians in Ohio, 06-07
  • Fonsie Guilaran, Integrations of SnO2 Nanotablets Into Gas Sensors, 06-07
  • Maria-Teresa Herd, Research in Medical Physics, 10-11


  • Welling Hall/Hal Hanes, Poll on US-Soviets, 89-90
  • Nori Matsui, Industrial Policy, 90-91
  • Maria Morgan,Yangtze River Development, 94-95
  • Robert Johnstone, Irish-American Activism, 95-96
  • Lynn Kuzma, Explore the Complexities and Nuances of Honduran Foreign Policy, 96-97
  • Jay McCullough, An Examination of the Political Role of the Corrections Industry, 01-02
  • Welling Hall, The Responsibility to Prevent and Protect, 07-08
  • Greg Mahler, Issues in Comparative Politics, 08-09
  • Jennifer Seely, African Citizenship: Legal and Conceptual Dimensions, 10-11
  • Welling Hall, Prohibition's Bookshelf and its Social and Familial Context, 11-12
  • Welling Hall, Peace Encyclopedia, 12-13
  • Thor Hogan, The View From Space: NASA’s Evolving Struggle to Understand Our Home Planet, 13-14
  • Welling Hall, Political Art: The Art and Symbol of Peace and the Rejection of Violence, 14-15
  • Jennifer Seely, The Study of Africa and Earlham, 14-15


  • Elizabeth Ozorak, Social Psychology of Food, 87-88
  • Diana Punzo, The Social Psychology of Nazism, 95-96
  • Vince Punzo, The Psychology of Virtue, 95-96
  • Nelson Bingham, Writing A Psychological Autobiography, 96-97
  • Vince Punzo, Faith and Fiction, 96-97
  • Mary Schwendener-Holt, Alternative Therapy: Art, Music, Writing & Wilderness Therapy in the 1990s, 96-97
  • Kathy Milar, African American Women and Higher Education, 01-02
  • Nelson Bingham/ Holly Woodruff, Social Service Systems in Japan, 02-03
  • Michael Jackson, Young Adults in Richmond: Perspective and Experiences, 08-09
  • Rachael Reavis, More Than Sticks and Stones: Experiences of Peer Victimization and Ostracism Among College Students , Middle School Students, and Home-Schooled Students, 12-13
  • Rachael Reavis, Friends and Foes Across Context: Experiences of Friendship and Peer Victimization in Home-Schoolers and Children in Foster Care, 13-14


  • Michael Birkel, Woolman’s Sources, 89-90
  • Stephanie Crumley-Effinger/Wes Miller, Quaker Videotape, 90 (summer)
  • Tom Bassett, Quakers and the Civil War, 90-91
  • Mary Garman, Quaker Women Theologians, 91-92
  • Dick Davis, Shame and Learning, 93-94
  • Michael Birkel, Sermons of Oscar Romero, 95-96
  • Michael Birkel, Quakers and the Bible, 96-97
  • Mary Garman, Friendship and its Religious Meanings, 96-97
  • Michael Birkel, Quaker Contemplative, 97-98
  • Michael Birkel, Old World Klezmer Music, 98-99
  • Michael Birkel, Muslim-Christian Dialogue, 01-02
  • Mary Garman, Friends on the Avenue: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry into Quaker Lives on College
  • Avenue, 03-04
  • Marie Vandenbark, Comparative Simplicity: Local Experiments and their Ecological Implications, 04-05
  • Michael Birkel, Research Project on German Mystic and Philosopher Jakob Boehme, 05-06
  • Michael Birkel, Early Quaker Letters of Spiritual Counsel, 06-07
  • Lincoln Blake, White Water Monthly Meeting the Last Fifty Years, 06-07
  • Michael Birkel, Contemporary Music and Ethnic Identity in Detroit, 08-09
  • Stephen Angell, African-American Churches in Wayne County, 09-10
  • Michael Birkel, Screening Islam, 09-10
  • Mary Garman, Quaker Almanac, 10-11
  • Michael Birkel, Rufus Jones, and Quaker Worship: Alone and Together, 10-12
  • Michael Birkel & Lori Watson, “Is that Funny?” Religion and Humor, 13-14
  • Lyn Miller, Mindful Learning, 13-14
  • Michael Birkel, Religion and Doctor Who, 14-15
  • Michael Birkel, πνεῦμα: Breath, Spirit, Flute, Meditation, 14-15


  • Steve Butler, Martin Luther King, 87-88
  • Deb Jackson, The Tar Sands Region of Northern Alberta, Canada, 11-12
  • Deb Jackson, Environmental Justice and Public Health: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally, 13-14
  • JoAnn Martin, Affective Attachment in Tea Party Politics, 13-14

Spanish and Hispanic Studies

  • Chris Swafford-Smith, Language Teaching Methods, 88-89
  • Chris Swafford-Smith/Patty O’Maley, Study in Second Language Acquisition, 90-91
  • Dianna Niebylski, Silence in Comparative Literature, 91-92
  • Kathy Taylor, Taxi Drivers in Mexico, 92-93
  • Dianna Niebylski, Magical Realism, 93-94
  • Howard Lamson, Latino Literature, 94-95
  • Chris Swafford-Smith, 17th Century Literature, 94-95
  • Howard Lamson, U.S. Hispanic (Latino) Theater, 96-97
  • Kathy Taylor, Latin American Music, 97-98
  • Dianne Nieblski, Contemporary Latin American Film, 97-98
  • Howard Lamson, The Writer and Society on the U.S./Mexico Border, 00-01
  • Chris Swafford, Smith-Spain's Cultural Identities, 00-01
  • Luis Morató-/Lara, A Visual History of Mexican America: The Case of Pilsen, Chicago, 02-03
  • Kathy Taylor, Creole Language and Culture on the ABC Islands, 02-03
  • Chris Swafford-Smith, Minority Discourse in Spain: Texts in Gallego and Catalan, 02-03
  • Chris Swafford-Smith, Subversive/Transgressive Discourse: Movie Making in Spain, 04-05
  • Howard Lamson, Emerging Indigenous Movements and their Quest for Democratic Recognition and Autonomy in Mexico, 05-06
  • Kathleen Taylor, A Comparative Study of Creole Linguistics, 08-09
  • Rodolfo Guzman, Foundation and Narration; A Comparative Study of Texts Representing Cities and Early Urban Experiences in the Americas, 08-09
  • Ana Cornide, Negotiation Identities: Latino and Latin American Performance, 09-10
  • Howard Lamson, The Representation of "Home" and "Community" Away from Home in the Mexican Immigrant Community in Richmond, Indiana, 10-11

Theatre Arts

  • Michael White, Quakers and the Theatre, 95-96
  • Michael White, Othello: From Page to Stage, 09-10

Wilderness Programs

  • Maragaret Lechner, Underground Railroad, 97-98

Women's Studies

  • Barb Caruso, Making Baskets, Writing Books, Bringing Water: Ghanaian Women Organizing for Economic and Social Change, 07-08
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