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Student Leadership

The Earlham Student Senate (ESS), the College's student government, represents the Earlham College student body as a whole. The ESS consists of an elected Student Executive Council, which includes:

  • Co-Presidents (2)
  • Vice President of Nominations
  • Vice President of Communications
  • Secretary of Finance
  • Recording Clerk
  • Clerk (appointed)
  • Undergraduate representatives from:
    • Committee For Campus Life (3 elected)
    • Student Activities Board (2 elected)
    • Student Organizations Council (2 elected)
    • Student Residence Council (10 students, representing residence halls/College houses)

Participate in College Decisions

The College encourages contributions from its students in governance processes. Through student committee involvement, the student body can voice concerns about key decisions and directly engage with the governance structure. Participation in shared governance at Earlham is perhaps one of the most rewarding and educational experiences Earlham students can take from their time here.

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