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Paul Lacey

LaceyPaul Lacey was Earlham’s Acting President in 1973-74 and previously its provost for three years.

A Philadelphia native, Lacey earned a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and was awarded a Ph.D. by Harvard University. He taught in the English Department at Earlham from 1960-2003 and is Professor Emeritus of English.

Well-known on an international level, Lacey has shared his wisdom through extensive writing and speaking. He has been involved with the American Friends Service Committee since 1954, having served on the Conscientious Objectors Services and Rights of Conscience Committee, the Standing Nominating Committee, the AFSC Nobel Peace Prize Nominating Committee and the AFSC National Board of Directors.

He remains a very active Quaker, having served as Clerk of the Board of Directors and Clerk of the Corporation for the AFSC since 2001.

Listen to a December 2006 NPR interview with Lacey on “The Prospects of Peace on Earth.” 


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