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Principles & Practices


Principles and Practices is a statement of the values that guide those of us who live and work at Earlham College and who form its communities: students, teaching and administrative faculty, and staff. College trustees, many alumni, and former employees of the College, feeling themselves still members of the community, may also choose to be guided by these principles.

Principles and Practices also provides the foundation for campus policies that apply to all members of the community. Policies and procedures specific to students, faculty, and staff may be found in the Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook, and Staff Handbook respectively. Through the workings of our regular governance procedures, detailed in the Governance Manual, we endeavor to make all College policies, rules, and procedures consonant with the principles articulated in this document.

Principles and Practices grows out of two questions that the community continually seeks to answer:

1. What sort of community do we aspire to be?

Earlham is an educational community, informed by the distinctive perspectives and values of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), and aimed at providing the highest quality undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences. We strive to be a community of mutual support, responsibility, and accountability.

Our educational values, shaped by Quaker perspectives, are as follows: truth-seeking, wherever the evidence may lead; rigorous intellectual integrity; the nurturing of an open, cooperative learning environment; the recognition of the "teacher within"; the merit of lifelong learning habits. These values are rooted in a commitment to caring for the world we inhabit, improving human society, promoting global education, seeking peaceful and just transformation of conflicts, affirming the equality of all persons, and maintaining high ethical standards of personal conduct.

This document speaks of the Earlham community in terms of "we"; however, we recognize that this is not a homogenous "we." As an educational community, we are a changing group of diverse persons, bringing to this institution a variety of identities, as well as a great range of personal and cultural values, experiences, and perspectives. We are a community that deliberately welcomes persons of all religious faiths, all spiritual convictions, and those who have no religious affiliation or faith. We welcome this diversity, and the strength and transformations it makes possible.

2. What principles shape and sustain such a community?

Respect for persons, integrity, a commitment to peace and justice, simplicity, and community decision-making shape Earlham's community. Together these principles reflect Earlham's strong Quaker tradition. In acting according to these principles, we try to cultivate a community that values not only the development of broad knowledge and deep competencies, but an active, successful, and joyful engagement in human society and the world around us.

These principles inform our community, yet there is variation within the community in the ways these principles are put into practice. We welcome this variety of insight and interpretation and seek to learn from our differences. We acknowledge that practice of these principles may evolve with reflection by individuals and the community as a whole. By our daily actions, each of us contributes to the health and vitality of our community.

This document was revised by committee during the 2009-2010 academic year in accordance with the policy's four-year review cycle. The committee was made up of students (Kristen Georgia, Kento Ichikawa, and Jay Zevin — co- convenor), teaching and administrative faculty (Gary DeCoker, Steve Heiny – co-convenor, Kari Kalve, Cheryl Presley, and Wendy Tori), staff (Karen Addleman and Lyn Thomas) and Board of Trustee members (Lavona Bane and Bobbi Gottschalk).

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